A Quick Update

Hi friends and family. Sorry its been so long since my last post. As you probably know, Navi and I have been back in London for a while.

Learning to Drive Indonesia Style

Learning to Drive Indonesia Style

I’m not a motorbike man but it’s very hard to live without a small scooter in South East Asia. After 6 months I’m pretty comfortable on most roads but I still find Indonesian road users somewhat unpredictable.

Bangkok 2008

Welcome to the Land of Smile

  Morning all, I feel great this morning. Today’s post is a little nostalgic. It begins with my website cover photo.  This one. This image has been up on the …

Hong kong

Hong Kong with Family

Maninder, Indi, Avani, Narayan and Coco. A huge thank you for putting us up and showing us the beating burning heart of your wild and beautiful city. We had an …


Chinatown isn’t China

China is an incredible destination filled with some of the friendliest people on Earth. It’s a jaw droppingly beautiful country. Before I get into specifics however, I want to say …

Mekong Delt Vietnam

Surprising Vietnam

It’s day 45 in Vietnam. We are in an apartment in Hanoi.  It’s winter here so a light jacket is needed some evenings. The days are warm and hazy.

Ton le sap - Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Following my last post Navi and I were set on the idea for living in Kuala Lumpur for 6 months.  We’d looked at dozens of properties, negotiated fees and even …

The Pind

Video Post: The Pind 2016

Our trip to the village in rural Punjab was awesome. We spent just over 3 weeks with family in Bhullarai.  We visited Amritsar and the Golden Temple. Shopped in the …


Life on the Road

111In 2014 before I quit my job to travel the world, I wrote this article. Back then I had a mind full of questions. I still don’t have all the …

Backpacking in myanmar

The Road to Myanmar

Over Christmas I got hold of the latest South East Asia on a shoestring guidebook. The last time I owned one of these chunky editions was in 2006. Back then …

Travel memories from 2015

Travel Memories from 2015

Christmas can be a lonely time on the road. Lately I’ve found my mind fondly wandering back to memories of life back home. After 4 months away, travel ceases to …

Sri Lanka

Video Post: Sri Lanka

This video is a collection from our 6 weeks in Sri Lanka. Most of the coastal scenes are in the South around Mirissa. The beautiful Dutch fort town of Galle …

Feral dogs in Asia

Fending off Feral Dogs in Asia

So yesterday we hiked to the top of Ella Rock. It’s a beautiful steep escarpment jutting out over the tiny hill town of Ella in Southern Sri Lanka. Most visitors …

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Everyone you ask about Sri Lanka says the same thing. It’s like India but, a bit cleaner, a bit nicer and a bit more expensive. Having visited Sri Lanka now …

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Navi and I spent 2 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka at a small village near Puttalam earlier this month. We organised the placement from the UK through the popular volunteering …

Kerala Backwaters

Video Post: Kerala Backwaters

The Kerala Backwaters are a labyrinth of freshwater canals, rivers, lakes, lagoons and islands stretching almost the entire length of the state. 38 rivers feed nearly 1000 km of interconnected …

Backpacking cost for a couple in India

Backpacking Cost for a Couple in India

India is cheap. Perhaps the cheapest travel destination on earth. The backpacking cost for a couple in India is lower than anywhere else Navi and I have travelled before. In …

ancient hampi

Video Post: Ancient Hampi

Ancient Hampi is like another world. The majority of the monuments are around 500 years old but beautifully preserved. Happily the sites are largely devoid of tourists. Part of the …

Indian Railways Experience

Video Post: Indian railways experience

Our first Indian railways experience has been simply awesome. They always save a few seats for foreigners on popular tourist routes so you don’t have to book weeks in advance …

Backpacking light

Backpacking Light

On our previous backpacking trip Navi and I both lugged around 65 litre backpacks with a 25 litre day pack attached. You know the ones. The really huge suckers in the outdoor …

Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

It’s beginning to get very real. All the little plans Navi and I started to put into place years ago are nearing their conclusion. Moments we have talked about for so long …

Traveling the world

Traveling the World

Welcome to the first BackToTravel blog post – Traveling the world. I’m going to use a question answer format for this post. It’s a great way to cram loads of …