A Quick Update

Hi friends and family. Sorry its been so long since my last post. As you probably know, Navi and I have been back in London for a while.

Learning to Drive Indonesia Style

Learning to Drive Indonesia Style

I’m not a motorbike man but it’s very hard to live without a small scooter in South East Asia. After 6 months I’m pretty comfortable on most roads but I still find Indonesian road users somewhat unpredictable.

Bangkok 2008

Welcome to the Land of Smile

  Morning all, I feel great this morning. Today’s post is a little nostalgic. It begins with my website cover photo.  This one. This image has been up on the …

Mekong Delt Vietnam

Surprising Vietnam

It’s day 45 in Vietnam. We are in an apartment in Hanoi.  It’s winter here so a light jacket is needed some evenings. The days are warm and hazy.


Life on the Road

111In 2014 before I quit my job to travel the world, I wrote this article. Back then I had a mind full of questions. I still don’t have all the …

Travel memories from 2015

Travel Memories from 2015

Christmas can be a lonely time on the road. Lately I’ve found my mind fondly wandering back to memories of life back home. After 4 months away, travel ceases to …

Backpacking light

Backpacking Light

On our previous backpacking trip Navi and I both lugged around 65 litre backpacks with a 25 litre day pack attached. You know the ones. The really huge suckers in the outdoor …

Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

It’s beginning to get very real. All the little plans Navi and I started to put into place years ago are nearing their conclusion. Moments we have talked about for so long …

Traveling the world

Traveling the World

Welcome to the first BackToTravel blog post – Traveling the world. I’m going to use a question answer format for this post. It’s a great way to cram loads of …