Photos from Myanmar



6 thoughts on “Photos from Myanmar

    • Pete Reply

      Thanks Greg, I’m using a Sony RX100 iv pocket camera. It’s very convenient but a little limiting.

  1. Ted Reply

    Nice shots Pete. For so many years the country was out of bounds and we knew little of it. I didn’t know that some regions had the housing on the poles to account for the (I guess) tide. Don;t be worried about a little camera, my Leica/Lumix FX-10 has a really good lens and fits, safely, in my pocket. For a web image, as opposed to print, you don’t need all the high a res. I use 2MP on mine and they usually come out fine (plus I can store more on the card).

    • Pete Reply

      I really miss the advantages of 35mm photography though. I have zero depth of field with the RX100’s tiny 1 inch sensor unless I’m 5cm from my subject at F1.8. F2.8 at 70mm is pretty useless too. It’s about the same as f7 on 35mm in terms of DOF.
      Sensor issues aside. The tiny little lens is very bright and pin sharp. I can shoot handheld at night with normal shutter speeds as long as the lens is wide open.
      Where the camera really excels though is video. Currently I’m unable to edit video (aside from knitting them together in MS Windows and pressing save) but I have fast laptop on order. I expect to get some RX100 video up on the blog in March. Watch this space.

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