Chinatown isn’t China

China is an incredible destination filled with some of the friendliest people on Earth. It’s a jaw droppingly beautiful country. Before I get into specifics however, I want to say …

Mekong Delt Vietnam

Surprising Vietnam

It’s day 45 in Vietnam. We are in an apartment in Hanoi.  It’s winter here so a light jacket is needed some evenings. The days are warm and hazy.


Life on the Road

111In 2014 before I quit my job to travel the world, I wrote this article. Back then I had a mind full of questions. I still don’t have all the …

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Everyone you ask about Sri Lanka says the same thing. It’s like India but, a bit cleaner, a bit nicer and a bit more expensive. Having visited Sri Lanka now …

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Navi and I spent 2 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka at a small village near Puttalam earlier this month. We organised the placement from the UK through the popular volunteering …

Backpacking cost for a couple in India

Backpacking Cost for a Couple in India

India is cheap. Perhaps the cheapest travel destination on earth. The backpacking cost for a couple in India is lower than anywhere else Navi and I have travelled before. In …

Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

It’s beginning to get very real. All the little plans Navi and I started to put into place years ago are nearing their conclusion. Moments we have talked about for so long …