Mekong Delt Vietnam

Surprising Vietnam

It’s day 45 in Vietnam. We are in an apartment in Hanoi.  It’s winter here so a light jacket is needed some evenings. The days are warm and hazy.

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Everyone you ask about Sri Lanka says the same thing. It’s like India but, a bit cleaner, a bit nicer and a bit more expensive. Having visited Sri Lanka now …

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Navi and I spent 2 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka at a small village near Puttalam earlier this month. We organised the placement from the UK through the popular volunteering …

Backpacking cost for a couple in India

Backpacking Cost for a Couple in India

India is cheap. Perhaps the cheapest travel destination on earth. The backpacking cost for a couple in India is lower than anywhere else Navi and I have travelled before. In …

Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

It’s beginning to get very real. All the little plans Navi and I started to put into place years ago are nearing their conclusion. Moments we have talked about for so long …