Travel Memories from 2017

Jade Dragon Valley


Greetings friends and family. 111

Another year has passed in a flash and its December again. Where does time go?

What happened 2017?  We were just becoming friends and now you are leaving.  I’m sad to see you go but you gave us some great moments.  Here are just a few from the backtotravel scrapbook

Have a very merry Christmas everyone. I wish you happiness and lots of happy memories, wherever you are today.

Travel Memories from 2017

Indian food in our favourite restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

The end of a happy chapter of our lives.  Sad goodbyes to our friends in Siem Reap.

Getting back to travel. A transformative 14 hour bus journey from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh.

Sharing a multi-cultural home cooked meal on the Mekong Delta with a Turkish couple, a Vietnamese couple and a Taiwanese girl.

Our first Banh Mi Chay (aka veggie sub).

Working on our laptops in a hillside coffee shop when customers spontaneously start singing and playing guitar.

Mulberry Smoothies on a frosty morning in Dalat.

An afternoon alone in the Garden of Eden.  Paradise Waterfall, somewhere in remotest Vietnam.

A hilarious night playing Billiards on a table with no pockets with Mr Hi and Mr Why our Vietnamese friends.

Fresh Beer in Hoi An for just 10p a glass.

Nightly meditation in the municipal park, under the twinkling lights of the Hanoi high-rises.

Hangover food.  Stuffing barbeque crisps into a fresh Bahn Mi.

A hard earned view of Cat Ba Island from the top of a jungle lookout.

Finding thousands of tiny bats in a random roadside cave.

A morning free climbing in the hidden Valley, Northern Vietnam.

Making peace with God. The scariest, windiest, cable car ride ever. Fansipan Mountain in Sapa.

Wandering the old Chinese streets of Dali at night.

An unforgettable day out at the insanely beautiful Jade Snow Dragon Mountain.

Trying to push the world’s largest Prayer Wheel with 20 Chinese people in Shangri-La.

Surrounded by the white tips of the Himalayas. Feeling very far from home at the Chicken Temple.

A free Buddhist meal at sunset in Lijiang.

Our first glimpse of the incredible Hong Kong skyline from the airport highway.

A meal at the legendary Ebenezer’s with Maninder, Indi, Avani and Narayan.

Hanging out (and an impromptu drum set from Maninder) at the Wanch.

To the cricket club for a slap up breakfast!  Hiking over the drizzly hills in Hong Kong on Saturday mornings.

An afternoon drinking tea with new friends and a stormy sunset at the Chocolate hills in Bohol.

Relaxing in the hot springs on Camiguin.

A dangerous but rewarding hike to a remote jungle waterfall.

Sunset over the sea every evening at Secret Cove.

A Tequila get-together in Bali with our old mates Paul and Vici after not seeing them for 8 years.

Standing under the famous Snoop Dog shrine at Mexicola.

A crazy night at Potato Head in Kuta with Paul, Vici, Ben and Annie.

Sunrise on Vici’s birthday at Amed in Northern Bali.

Enjoying Pakora after picking up Pindy and Gully at Bali airport.

A wonderful day white water tubing on a picturesque jungle river with Pindy and Gully.

Old school boy’s night out in Bali.  Pete, Neil and Paul together again at last, gunning our bikes over the rice paddies after drinks at Manshed.

Climbing Mount Batur at sunrise with Neil.

A day at the best Waterpark in the World with Paul and the kids.

My birthday at Maliaka with Paul and Vici.

Teaching my wife to ride a bicycle on the back roads of Sanur.

The ridge walk at sunset, Ubud.

Travelling light. Heading off on our little scooter to discover Bali. Pete and Nav with nothing but a shoulder bag of clothes and some sunscreen.