Traveling the World

Traveling the world

Welcome to the first BackToTravel blog post – Traveling the world.

I’m going to use a question answer format for this post. It’s a great way to cram loads of info into a small space. The post is based largely around questions I’ve been asked by friends and relatives with a few extra bits I think you ought to know if you’re new to BackToTravel.

Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting to peek into my life and my motivations for wanting to travel. Perhaps it may even help you in some unfathomable way, who knows. Got to start somewhere though right?

So what is this blog about?

It’s a travel blog. At least that’s what I want it to be. First I have to save enough money to start my life of travel. For the moment then, the blog is more likely to be about saving, investing and daydreaming about life on the road.

Why did you start this blog?

I love to write. A blog seemed like the good way to get my ideas down and improve my writing skills. Plus I knew I’d needed something interesting to do while traveling. I can’t spend the rest of my days partying and lazing around on beaches. At my age, I have to have a focus to make long term travel work for me. Writing is it. I think.

As a reader should I contribute too?

Yes. There is a comment section at the bottom of each post. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. You can also contact me by email or better still, join our community and receive regular email updates. 

OK, I get the blog, but what about the author(s)?

My name is Pete. My wife’s name is Navi. We are both 38 years old. We live in rented accommodation in central London. Navi is a PA for a large Corporate Bank. I am an IT Contractor.

Hmm, I see, you must hate your jobs.

What? Seriously? You must be joking. We are the lucky 1% of the world. Barring a zombie apocalypse we have zero worries in our lives. I love my job, there is very little I would change about it. My life couldn’t get much more comfortable.

Right. Now I’m confused. Why give it all up then?

That’s the million dollar question. Unfortunately there is no one answer. A large part of it is fear though. Fear of regrets. I’m scared of getting old and thinking if only. There’s also a little voice in my head that keeps saying is this it? Is this all there is? I’ll try to examine the reasons in detail and write a post about it later. For now, just trust me. It’s an itch that cannot be scratched by a two week vacation.

OK I believe you. What do you want to do instead?

I want to be off traveling the world until I feel a desire to do something else.

What if you never feel the desire to do something else?

Then I’ll keep traveling and be slightly more content than I am now……  Or I’ll die,  without an itch.

Won’t you get bored?

Hope not. I plan to volunteer for around 4 months each year, plus I have my writing, Navi and a huge planet to explore.

How will you fund such a long trip?

I’m 38. I live in London and I have a good income. I’ve known since 2007 that this is what I wanted to do. I’m not starting from scratch. The plan is to pay off our mortgage and invest as much as possible. Hopefully the rental income and income from investments will be enough to sustain a frugal but happy existence on the road.

How much spending money do you think you’ll need?

About $500 per week, forever, rising about 2% per year to help compensate for inflation. A good pension at 55 too just in case.

What if your plan doesn’t work out?

Whatever happens I’ll try my best to deal with it. I’m not ruling out any options. Long term budget travel is the plan, but plans change. If I need money I’ll work. If I’m sick I’ll rest. I suppose I’ll do whatever I feel is best as long as I’m able. It’s possible that that may mean coming back to England and re-entering the rat race. Who knows?

How long until you quit?

A while yet. I suspect when the time comes it will happen very quickly. Right now it’s too far off to see a date. The moment I have an accurate projection I will post it here.
EDIT: 21-08-2015.

What are you gonna do in the meantime?

Work and save.  Oh, and write, of course.

That sounds a bit strict. What does your wife think about it?

Navi’s job is a lot tougher on the soul than mine. I think she appreciates the value of us removing our dependence on salaried work and focusing more on personal development.

…Ha-ha, if only. Navi hates saving. She’d much rather eat out or buy a new pair of shoes. Fortunately she adores travel. So far, that’s been enough to keep her on side.

Will Navi be involved in the blog?

Navi proof reads every article and corrects my dodgy spelling. She also contributes ideas and the occasional photo. When this blog gets rolling Navi will help with social media.

What’s with the photos anyway? They don’t relate to the articles?

I know I know. They are all photos Navi and I have taken on our previous travels. They are meant to be inspiring.  They are there because they look nice and loosely fit the travel theme. I’ll try to make them more useful as the blog develops. Promise.

While we’re on the subject. What gives with predictable blog titles and basic page design?

I’m not a professional writer. Nor am I some kind of website expert. I’ve learned whatever I can from other bloggers and the internet.  I’m trying to write useful articles for my readers but I also need to balance that a little by optimizing my pages for Google. With any luck, I’ll get some regular subscribers and be able to grow the site into something better. I’m learning more all the time and I’m trying very hard to make the site more relevant as well as a bit prettier. As I understand it, this is a reasonable approach for a first time blogger like me. If you know better for heaven’s sake tell me.

Ok One More Thing. Why Should I Read Your Blog?

Look,  lets be honest here. This is just another blog on the internet. I’m a bit nervous about the site in its current form. Right now my life is pretty boring (…way to sell it Pete). What I really wanna do is travel the world and write about it, but I can’t do that yet because I’m stuck in the rat race. Once I quit, I have a ton of ideas for this blog. In the meantime, I’m gonna try to make it as interesting and positive as I can.

I’d love people to read this blog but I’m realistic. Let’s wait and see what happens. If nothing else – I’m thrilled you made it this far.